A letter from us regarding this terms photo shoots

Dear schools and parents,

We hope you are all well and you and the children have started to settle into their new routines.

Christmas term 2020 is going to be somewhat different to any other & we are keen to be prepared for any eventuality, keeping the children, staff and myself safe at all times.

With this in mind this is what we have planned.

  • We will photograph wearing the required mask and gloves, from a distance of 2 metres & will hand sanitise frequently.

  • Children will stand to have their photo taken meaning no chair sharing.

  • We will bring with me photographic kit enough to cover any request whether that be a full studio shoot like in previous years or a simpler shoot enabling us to shoot in each classroom or ‘pod’.

  • Photographing in each individual classroom or ‘pod’ where required

  • Photographing outside (when the English Autumn weather permits).

It may not be possible to do sibling photographs this year, especially those where a pre school child is featured in the family group but we are happy to talk to each school individually to ascertain their requirements.

This is a learning curve for us all so please feel free to discuss issues or ideas and please don't hesitate to ask any questions or raise any concerns. We are confident that together we can still provide your schools with the usual high standard of photography whilst keeping everyone safe.

Keep healthy,

Geoff and Rachael
Lawrence Godfrey Photography